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The LG G6 was the first of the big new flagships to launch this year, and though it doesn’t come with all the features of the Galaxy S8, it could be getting one of them in the near future.

A new report from The Investor claims LG will update its latest handset in June to add a 3D facial recognition feature.

The report states LG has formed a partnership with facial recognition solutions firm Oez – the company that developed OezFR software.

LG is said to have chosen Oez as the company’s software takes up little storage and can be applied to other LG handsets such as the V20 and G5.

So, if the report is accurate, it seems we could see the face-scanning feature coming to multiple devices in the future.

The facial recognition’s reported June launch has apparently been scheduled to coincide with the launch of LG Pay – the company’s mobile payments service.

According to The Investor, a source told local news outlet News Prime: “Should LG utilize OezFR to support the payment system, it will be the first time for a facial recognition system to be used for financial transactions in the premium smartphone sector.”

The software will apparently come with security features designed to “prevent hacking attempts with pictures.”

LG’s latest handset launched in February, and while it has a similar, almost full-face screen to the Galaxy S8, it missed out on the latest processor and other features such as iris scanning.

But if the report is accurate, it seems LG is doing all it can to add extra functionality to the G6, with Apple also said to be considering facial recognition tech for the iPhone 8.

There’s been no official word from LG on the latest report, so take it all with a pinch of salt. But there should be more information available soon, so check back for more in the coming weeks.
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